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Recital #2

October 18th, 2021 @ 7:00PM




"The Water Rises"

by Chloe Rowlands

Kate Amrine, trumpet & tape



by Andrian Pervazov

Tomina Parvanova Lyden, harp
Karl Lyden, trombone


"Variations for Trumpet"

by Adolphus Hailstork

Alex Bender, trumpet


"La Partida" & "Como llora una Estrella"

by Carlos Bonnet & Antonio Carillo

Keve Wilson, oboe
Rachel Handman, violin
Hidayat Honari, guitar


“Lands End” & “Loft Jazz/1978"

by David G. Weiss

David G. Weiss, "Matusi" membrane flute & Kingma Upright Bass Flute


"Cantabile et Presto"

by Georges Enesco

Helen Campo, flute
Melody Fader, piano


Three Nocturnes for Piano Trio

by Ernest Bloch


I  Andante

II  Andante quieto

III  Tempestoso

Suzy Perelman, violin
Katherine Cherbas, cello
Danny Percefull, piano

Join with the NYC-area musicians, and find out how we COOK, both on-stage, and off-stage, in our home kitchens!  

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